I’m heading to Ireland. Found object exhibit sounds phenomenal

This review of artists Nikki Wynnychuk and Maggie Madden at the Dublin City Hall Lab Space push all my buttons in a very favorable way. MM’s work especially intrigues since the scale is miniscule-not easy with found objects:

“There’s a metaphoric richness to the way the same principle applies through a range of scales in her work. Her pieces refer us to systems and networks of many kinds, from tiny organisms, say, to the vast infrastructure of transport and communications in modern cities. Running through everything is a sense of the underlying precariousness of systems and processes. Some of her most breathtaking pieces are tiny and scarcely visible from any distance, particularly the intricate geometric constructions of coloured fibre optic strands. ”

It’s nice that she integrates updated materials such as fiber optic cable into her work, which is a nice update from the “classical” stuff put together in the Dada days.

More on this exhibit:


My favorite found object: souvenir box of view of Louvre from the Seine

  Kitsch but in that old-world charming kind of way, rather than in the Jeff Koons in-your-face kind of way. Sentimental. Tiny cars in the background vouch for the vintage nature of the box.  The sky is always blue in Paris souvenirs.